Child Safety Department Heightens Cyber Safety Awareness at ‘Dawahi 7’

Child Safety Department (CSD), an affiliate of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, has organised several workshops to spread awareness among children of essential cyber safety practices to keep them safe online.

They were delivered in collaboration with the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) during their participation at the 7th edition of ‘Dawahi’ festival, organised by the Sharjah Districts and Villages Affairs Department, at Al Batayeh and Al Ramtha Parks.

CSD has called on parents to attend its upcoming workshops on 24 December at Al Ramtha Park, and 25 December at Al Batayeh Park at 6:30 pm.

The interactive sessions featured the story of ‘Salem’, an animated character who surfs through the world wide web, steering clear of online hazards, viruses and other challenges, while playing games and using social media websites.

Children were also engaged in fun trivia quizzes on cyber safety tips and advice. Parents attending the workshop learned about the importance of monitoring their children’s social media accounts and general internet usage. The session experts emphasised on the importance of parents teaching their kids about safe online practices, and building confidence in their children about communicating freely and honestly with parents when faced with harmful or inappropriate content.

Hanadi Saleh Al Yafei, Director of Child Safety Department said: “The 7th edition of Dawahi was a great opportunity to leverage our community partnerships in spreading our message of child safety. Such activations also ensure the sustainability of our goals. Dawahi is a great annual community event in Sharjah, which brings together families and children for a good time.”